This short time I’ve spent teaching 2nd grade has done nothing but confirm my suspicions that I am happiest when teaching math and science.

I have a whole different flare and appreciation for it. I smile when I talk, I enjoy planning it. I want to do MORE than just what’s in front of me.

I can’t say the same for reading and writing. Where I just want to SHOOT myself the whole time. I mean, I’m probably doing an ok job teaching it, I don’t know. But I don’t love it like I do math and science. And I don’t feel the same level of accomplishment I do when I’m inspiring kids with the fun stuff. 

Ugh, now I’m missing my animal training career. SIGH. I still need to look into finding a way to combine education and animal training/handling. There MUST be a way to do this and still make a realistic living.

THIS IS MY LIFE. One thing at a time, Heidi. Small moves.

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  1. alakazamkatebecks said: Care of magical creatures. You are obviously made for it. Don’t know about a realistic living but you’d be staying at Hogwarts!
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